About Keek

What is Keek?

"Keek is a special kitty from a different planet. She is constantly shapeshifting to hide her alien kitty identity! She is not waterproof, just like regular cats! Stick her on anything that will keep her dry and she is ready to radiate cosmic Keek love."

- Excerpt on Keek products

Keek is a lovable, fictional kitty side-kick to the artist's mascot, Bubblegum Grrrl. Both are canonically from a planet rumored to be made of pink and sugar, but Keek is one of the only species able to shapeshift - Bubblegum Grrrl cannot. 

Art featuring Keek will virtually always show her in a form other than her true bubblegum form - although, Bubblegum Keek does appear from time to time. Keek is an original creation and brand of the artist herself.

Keek art and/or merchandise can be found at the artist's Etsy shop.

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